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Children build a refuge for frogs

With the assistance of astora, the Jemgum-based charitable fund "Help for Chernobyl Children" (Initiative Hilfe für Tschernobylkinder) has created a biotope for frogs.

Jemgum. The enthusiastic school children from Belarus had great fun shoveling sand into the small pond and putting in the plants. Within the space of a few hours, they had created a small haven for frogs at the base of a former transformer tower situated next to the site of the natural gas storage facility in Jemgum. Before the children became involved, a team of workers funded by astora had leveled the ground around the pond using a mini-excavator and laid the pond liner.

"This was a really pleasant and useful undertaking, and was extremely well received by the people in the village. The pond at the bottom of the old transformer tower is a great example of the harmonious coexistence of nature and technology", says chief construction manager Ulrich Tiefes (Wintershall, Global Engineering, EFD/C), who heads up the building and assembly work at the above-ground gas storage facilities in Jemgum on behalf of astora.

Hotels for insects
The transformer tower next to the storage facility site is already home to a number of nesting boxes and insect hotels. These were set up three years ago as part of a collaboration between astora and the Carl-Goerdeler-Schule, a secondary school in Jemgum.

Founded 20 years ago, the mission of "Help for Chernobyl Children" is to support children from Belarus by giving them the opportunity to spend a vacation in Germany. As well as providing the children with a chance for rest and recuperation, these vacations are also a great method of promoting understanding between nations.