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astora successfully commercialises capacities at the Haidach storage facility

Kassel, 20 February 20015. astora has allocated capacities at the Haidach storage facility successfully via the trading platform store-x. The entire capacities for the storage year 2015/2016 for 400 lots overall, each containing a working gas volume of 6,000 MWh, were sold in a non-discriminatory keyed procedure. The withdrawal capacity for each lot is 3 MW, the injection capacity 2 MW. Demand exceeded the capacity on offer fivefold.

Furthermore, astora will offer storage products at the Haidach storage facility for the storage year 2015/2016 on the trading platform store-x on Thursday, February 26, 2015. Existing storage costumers and those successful in the above keyed procedure have the opportunity to acquire the following capacities in three separate keyed procedures and thus to adapt their bundled storage product:

  • 750,000 MWh working gas volume, each of 10,000 MWh,
  • 70 MW injection capacity, each of 10 MW and
  • 40 MW withdrawal capacity, each of 10 MW.

Bids can be submitted on February 26, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (CET). The three keyed procedures will run simultaneously. All relevant information is available for downloading from www.store-x.net in the user section or at www.astora.de.