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Gas storage facility Haidach: More flexibility due to a new grid connection.

New OGE grid connection to the NCG market area is now available for the gas storage facility Haidach.

11/12/2018. More than ten years after its commissioning, the gas storage facility Haidach, located in Austria has been connected to an additional transmission operator. Starting mid of December, customers can now book not only at the existing bayernets connection point, but also at the new connection point of Open Grid Europe (OGE) – Haiming III. (https://www.open-grid-europe.com).

Furthermore, the new connection will also provide firm, temperature-dependent transportation capacities from 2020 onwards. Storage customers in Haidach will then be able to use 100 percent of the transportation capacity to withdraw gas into the transportation network at winter temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius or colder. At temperatures ranging between 0 and 8 degrees, 57 percent of the requested transportation capacity will be firmly available. In the summer, at temperatures from 16 degrees and higher, storage customers will be guaranteed 100 percent of the firm transportation capacity for injection into the storage. When temperatures range between 10 and 16 degrees, 22 percent of the requested transportation capacity can be used firmly. This will optimize the access into the German energy market.