New Internet site for the Jemgum storage facility

WINGAS and EWE provide information at / Film gives insight into the underground dimensions of the storage facility

Jemgum, 10 May 2011. The Internet site on the Jemgum natural gas storage facility, which energy companies EWE and WINGAS are developing together, has recently been re-launched with a new design and structure. The new website provides facts and figures on the current status of the project, and the individual steps in the planning process right up to the commissioning of the natural gas storage facility. "With the new Internet site we wish to give people clearer, faster and more up-to-date information on the project," EWE Project Manager André Fisse explained.

The aim of the new online presence is to demonstrate the complicated technical processes of the plant in a transparent and illustrative manner, Arkadius Binia, the WINGAS Project Manager explained. An animated film on the home page now explains the technical processes and operation of the natural gas storage facility. The film concentrates on the underground workings of the storage facility. In addition, there is a new "Questions and Answers" section where anyone interested can find more detailed information on the project.

Two of the largest cavern storage facilities for gas in Germany are currently being built in Jemgum in Lower Saxony, near the German-Dutch border. "The project is completely on schedule. We are confident that the first natural gas for filling the caverns will flow in 2013," André Fisse underlined. Overall EWE and WINGAS are planning to build up to 33 caverns in the Jemgum salt dome. EWE is planning to build 15 caverns with a volume of up to 700,000 cubic meters. WINGAS intends to create up to 18. The two storage facilities will be developed together but operated independently by the two companies once complete in 2013.

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