Donating to a good cause

astora supports Kassel’s children and their families

Kassel. astora can look back on a successful first year of business. Now the natural gas storage company wants to give something back to the community and is supporting the German Society for the Protection of Children (Kinderschutzbund) in Kassel, where the company is based, with a donation of 5,000 euros overall. “For us it is very important that we support social and charitable projects in the region and give something back to the community. In particular, helping children is a matter very dear to our hearts,” astora Managing Director Andreas Renner explained.

The Kassel-based German Society for the Protection of Children is active in many areas. For example it has set up more than 500 ‘sanctuaries’ in Kassel – public areas such as shops that help children and provide shelter for them in emergencies. It also runs the children’s refuge – one of the places in Kassel children can go to for help, and which can take in up to eight children aged between three and eleven years old. Other services include an advisory center for children and parents that focuses on sexual assaults and violence, parents’ courses, voluntary homework supervision, ante-natal courses for teenage mothers, ADS advice and babysitter courses.

astora GmbH & Co. KG offers intelligent storage solutions from a single source – from the planning and development of natural gas storage facilities through to operation and the marketing of storage capacities. The company’s customers benefit from decades of experience in the technical field, comprehensive market knowledge and personal service. astora is committed to developing clear and simple solutions meeting the highest demands and is one of Europe’s leading storage facility operators. The company markets the capacities of the largest natural gas storage facility in Western Europe, at Rehden in northern Germany, with a working gas volume of more than 4 billion cubic meters. In addition, the company holds capacities in the second-largest storage facility of central Europe at Haidach, Austria. In order to expand its storage before portfolio and to secure natural gas supplies to Europe, the Jemgum natural gas storage facility on the border between Germany and the Netherlands is currently being developed.

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