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Large part of the capacities on offer for the Haidach storage facility auctioned off on store-x

Kassel. In a non-discriminatory coded procedure, astora GmbH & Co. KG has auctioned off capacities in the Haidach storage facility through the store-x trading platform. However, the current market situation meant that the bids at the auction for the 2013/2014 storage year failed to meet expectations. The prices that can be achieved at the moment are hardly economically viable. Nevertheless, there was still a lot of interest in the product on offer, and the auction was considerably oversubscribed. The low bids, however, meant that astora did not manage to auction off all of the 100 bundles on offer, each of which has a working gas volume of 18 million kWh. The individual bundles each have a withdrawal capacity of 9,765 kWh/h and an injection capacity of 6,065 kWh/h.

astora GmbH & Co. KG offers intelligent storage solutions from a single source – from the planning and development of natural gas storage facilities through to operation and the marketing of storage capacities. The company’s customers benefit from decades of experience in the technical field, comprehensive market knowledge and personal service. astora is committed to developing clear and simple solutions meeting the highest demands and is one of Europe’s leading storage facility operators. The company markets the capacities of the largest natural gas storage facility in Western Europe, at Rehden in northern Germany, with a working gas volume of more than 4 billion cubic meters. In addition, the company holds capacities in the second-largest storage facility of central Europe at Haidach, Austria. In order to expand its storage before portfolio and to secure natural gas supplies to Europe, the Jemgum natural gas storage facility on the border between Germany and the Netherlands is currently being developed.

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