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astora launches a market survey on the demand for hydrogen storage capacities

[Kassel, 9 October 2023] astora, as part of the SEFE Group, is taking on a relevant role in the energy transition and is pursuing the clear goal of being a pioneer in the field of hydrogen storage. Therefore, the development of a hydrogen storage facility is currently being worked on with special priority.

Near the East Frisian town of Leer, astora operates the Jemgum natural gas storage facility. There, natural gas is safely stored in underground cavities – so-called caverns. The special feature: astora can react flexibly to customer requirements thanks to high injection and withdrawal rates.

astora would like to transfer this advantage to the future hydrogen storage facility and thus continue to make an important contribution to the future energy supply so that the goal of a climate-neutral economy in Germany in 2045 is supported.

With the main objective to design the planned hydrogen storage facility technically as close as possible to the needs of the future hydrogen market, astora is conducting a non-binding market survey on the demand for hydrogen storage capacities in the period from 30 October to 17 November. This market survey will be carried out via an excel based form which will be available for download on the homepage during the above-mentioned period and which is to be returned to h2@astora.de within this period. The results of interested parties will then serve as a basis for constructive discussions.

astora GmbH, based in Kassel, is part of the SEFE Group and one of the largest natural gas storage operators in Europe. The company maintains one of the largest natural gas storage facilities in Western Europe at Rehden in Northern Germany, which has a working gas volume of about four billion cubic metres. In addition, the storage company also markets its capacity in the second largest storage facility in Central Europe, located in Haidach, Austria. In order to secure natural gas supplies to Europe, astora also operates and markets 5/6 of the capacity in the Jemgum cavern storage facility on the German-Dutch border.

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Contact for the market survey

Commercial Project Manager
Hydrogen Storage
Robert Ritz
E-mail: h2@astora.de