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Additional capacities.

Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round.

Additional information on FCFS booking via PRISMA

All FCFS-offers on PRISMA are additional products to existing Storage Services Agreement(s). All terms and conditions of the existing Storage Services Agreement(s) between astora and the Storage Customer at the respective Storage Location therefore apply to these additional bookings.

The FCFS-tariffs are i.a. calculated with reference on the changing energy costs, so that the tariffs are subject to corresponding adjustments. astora will inform about the current tariffs and products by e-mail in good time. The applicable tariffs and products will be displayed during the booking process on PRISMA.

The FCFS-contract is initiated by the Storage Customer's booking request and is concluded by a booking confirmation via e-mail from astora. The allocation of capacity is subject to availability.

Concluded FCFS-contracts and the capacities booked thereunder will be allocated to the Storage Customer's existing Storage Account in the respective Storage Location.

Your way to the FCFS booking:

1. Registered PRISMA users must select the desired Storage Location from the drop-down menu via the [Storage] header and the [FCFS] submenu and confirm with [Select] (example below: UGS Rehden - interruptible injection capacities).


2. By selecting one of the available products at the corresponding storage facility, the further offer screen opens.

3. The respective FCFS tariff is displayed and the capacity availability is checked by clicking on [Storage Portal].

4. Any sub-period within the specified period can be selected and a specific capacity is available for request.

5. Another click on [Check availability] sends a binding capacity request to the astora system to reconfirm the availability of the capacity. If the requested capacity is available, the system will return an identical booking proposal. If the requested capacity is not fully available, the system will suggest the maximum available capacity.


6. By confirming the checkbox, astora’s General Terms and Conditions for Storage Access will be accepted. The binding booking is made by clicking on [Confirm booking].

7. The booking confirmation will be sent to you immediately by e-mail (see below for an example). This contains all relevant transaction data and constitutes the FCFS contract.

Storage products

Auction products

Pay-as-bid. Bid on our latest capacity offers via Prisma.

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Special products

As dynamic as the markets: You can find our current offers here. 

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Standard products

astora-pack, -add, -part. astora has the following standardised storage products at all three storage facilities.  

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