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Additional capacities.

Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round.

Additional capacities

Get more out of your storage contracts: With additional capacities, which can be booked 24/7, without significant lead time and at an attractive fixed price on PRISMA. 

Your decision: What, when and for what period. First-come-first-served – our instant booking tool on PRISMA makes it possible.

astora is breaking new ground in the marketing of short-term additional capacities (within-day up to 1 year): the marketing process is fully automated. This gives existing customers the opportunity to increase their contractual capacities not only 24/7, but also intraday, i.e. for the remaining gas day. In this way, customers can benefit from short-term opportunities in the markets.

astora makes short-term capacities available to the market as first-come-first-served (FCFS) offers. However, (recurring) short-term auctions are also possible. The FCFS system is particularly suitable for marketing short-term additional capacities. In contrast to the auction, customers do not have to observe any deadlines or dates. They book what and when they want at a published unit price. Storage services can even be booked Within-Day if the current day is selected as the start day in the calendar function. There are no lead times to consider!

The booking can be made without additional bureaucratic effort. The contract comes into effect through the booking request of the storage customer and the acceptance of this request by astora. The acceptance is declared by a booking confirmation sent by email.

The capacities are offered exclusively on the PRISMA capacity platform. All users who are registered and logged in on PRISMA have access to the offers. In order to be able to book capacity with astora, users must be registered with astora via the PRISMA platform. Companies that are not yet registered and are interested in participating can submit an inquiry at any time via the PRISMA platform.

Your way to additional capacities:

  1. Select the desired storage facility from the drop-down menu via “Storage” and the “FCFS” submenu and confirm with “Select”.
  2. With the selection of one of the available products at the corresponding storage facility, the offer mask opens. The stored price is indicated in the text field and the capacity availability is checked by clicking on the link under “Storage Portal”. 
    Any partial period can be selected within the specified period and a certain amount can be requested. 
  3. A click on “Check Availability” sends a capacity request to the astora system. The availability of the quantity is requested in real time in the astora system. Availability can also be checked before the capacity request via a link to the storage portal in the note field.
    If the required quantity is available, the system returns an identical availability note. If the requested quantity is not completely available, the system suggests the maximum available quantity.
    The general terms and conditions of astora and PRISMA are accepted by ticking the checkboxes and the booking is requested by clicking on “Confirm Booking”. The booking confirmation will be sent by email and the storage contract is successfully concluded.

Storage products

Auction products

Pay-as-bid. Bid on our latest capacity offers via Prisma.

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Special products

As dynamic as the markets: You can find our current offers here. 

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Standard products

astora-pack, -add, -part. astora has the following standardised storage products at all three storage facilities.  

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