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We take over your memory status reporting to the authorities.

REMIT/AGGM service

Remit message

Storage participant report (according to REMIT):
According to Article 8 of Regulation (Eu) No. 1227/2011 ("REMIT Regulation") and Article 9 of the Implementing Regulation EU No. 1348/2014 (IR 1348/2014) on data reporting, market participants are obliged to report the gas quantities held in storage facilities to the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators on a daily basis at the end of a gas day.

This reporting can also be done by the storage operator. astora offers this service by means of an additional contract for an annual fee of € 1000. 

The contract is valid for one storage year and will be renewed for another year unless notice of termination is given and as long as the customer has valid storage contracts with astora.

Reporting is done via the "registered reporting mechanism" (RRM) Gas Storage Europe (GSE). astora initiates the reporting to the RRM, which in turn forwards the reports to ACER. Upon request, an additional copy of the report can be sent to one or more customer addresses.

Note: The report is aggregated over all storage contracts or storage accounts held by the storage customer at astora. If a customer holds storage contracts at several storage locations, the storage statuses are aggregated.

AGGM reporting

The obligation to report to Austrian Gas Grid Management AG (AGGM) only applies to customers at the Haidach storage facility, as this facility is located on Austrian territory and therefore the Natural Gas Energy Data Regulation (G-EnID-VO 2014) applies. According to the G-EnLD-VO 2014, natural gas traders are obliged to report all gas quantities stored on Austrian territory to the AGGM on a weekly basis using a specified template. 

Upon customer request, astora takes over the reporting as a service. To make use of this service, a separate agreement must be concluded and astora charges an annual fee of € 1,000. As with the REMIT service contract, the term of the agreement is at least 1 storage year and ends with termination or automatically with the expiry of the storage contracts of a storage customer.

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