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Haidach SY 24/25

Haidach SY 24/25

Storage location

Haidach (market area THE)

Allocation date

17/02/2022, 11:00–11:30 CET

Contract period


Allocation mode/Pricing

Key procedure/Pay-as-bid



Capacity on offer

2,000 GWh

Structure firm*

119 / 128 [days]

Structure interr.**

90 / 90 [days]

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Bundle structure


Volume firm

Volume interr.

Injection firm

Injection interr.

Withdrawal firm

Withdrawal interr.


20,000 MWh

6.5 MWh/h

2.8 MWh/h

7.0 MWh/h

2.3 MWh/h

Price model

Storage feeFixed price
Variable injection fee

0 €/MWh

Variable withdrawal fee

0 €/MWh

Service fee

0 €


Technical limitations

Renomination lead time delivery point 1

2 h

Renomination lead time delivery point 2

2 h

Technical lead times

Min flow

Transport / Delivery Points




Market Area

Point-ID entry/exit

Offered Transport Capacity

Delivery point 1

USP Haidach

bayernets GmbH



FZK, bFZKtemp, DZK, UBK 

Delivery point 2

Speicher Haiming 3-Haidach

Open Grid Europe GmbH



bFZKtemp, UBK

Injection Curve

IR [%] = WGV [%] x (–2) + 240

Withdrawal Curve

WR [%] = WGV [%] x 1.3333 + 60

Miscallaneous / Comments

Free of charge usage of capacity between curve and nominal capacity on best effort basis

No curves apply to interruptible capacity

Allocation of capacity a few minutes after closing

open PRISMA Capacity Platform

Additional capacities and services

Additional capacities

There is more for you. Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round. 

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Time is money. We take over your storage status report to the authorities.  

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*min. time to fully inject/withdraw using firm rates without consideration of storage curves 
** min. time to fully inject/withdraw using firm and interruptible rates without consideration of storage curves