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astora-pack – Haidach

astora-pack Haidach

Storage location

Haidach (market area THE)

Allocation date

01/06/2012 – 01/04/2020

Contract period

min. 1 year

Allocation mode / Pricing

First-come-first-served / fixed price


no longer available

Product type


Structure firm*

92 / 92 [days]

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Bundle structure

Volume (firm)

Injection rate (firm)

withdrawal rate (firm)

22,000 kWh

10 kWh/h

10 kWh/h

Price model

To determine the storage tariff, the respective storage tariff is multiplied by the number of bundles or the capacity and, if applicable, multiplied by the factors listed below. 

Storage tariff 23/24154.63 €/bundles/year
Long-term factorsDepending on the term of the agreement the storage service fee is multiplied by the following long-term factors to determine the fee to be charged:
Booking periodFactor
≥ 24 months0.985
≥ 36 months0.970
≥ 48 months0.955
≥ 60 months0.940
≥ 72 months0.925


Price adjustment

The storage services fee is subject to an annual price adjustment, which is calculated according to the following formula:


In this formula the following terms mean: 

E=Applicable storage fee in €/year or €/month
E0=Applicable storage fee in €/year or €/month
I=Average annual value of the German Producer Price Index
I0=Base value for I; base year 2009 (2005 = 100)
L=Annual average value of the index of hourly rates in the German energy industry
L0=Base value for L; base year 2009 (2005 = 100)


Variable injection fee0 €/MWh
Variable withdrawal fee0 €/MWh
Service fee0 €

Transport / Delivery Points




Market Area

Point-ID entry/exit

Offered Transport Capacity

Delivery point 1

USP Haidach

bayernets GmbH



FZK, bFZKtemp, DZK, UBK 

Delivery point 2

Speicher Haiming 3-Haidach

Open Grid Europe GmbH



bFZKtemp, UBK

Injection Curve

Withdrawal Curve

Technical limitations

Renomination lead time
delivery point 1

2 h

Renomination lead time
delivery point 2

2 h

Technical lead times

Min. flow


Additional capacities and services

Additional capacities

There is more for you. Short-term capacities from within-day to all year round. 

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Time is money. We take over your storage status report to the authorities.  

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* min. time to withdraw/inject by using firm rates excluding storage curves