– Jemgum natural gas storage facility.
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The main advantage of cavern storage over other storage technologies: the cavities in the rock salt make it possible to inject or withdraw the entire storage volume within a very short space of time.

Jemgum natural gas storage facility

A highly flexible cavern storage

Since 2008, one of the biggest cavern gas storages in Germany had been being built in the municipality of Jemgum in Lower Saxony, and celebrated commissioning in 2013.

WINGAS planned and coordinated the construction works of this state-of-the-art gas storage facility in alignment with VNG Gasspeicher. The storage has a working gas volume of about 900million cubic metres of natural gas. The storage is operated jointly by astora and VNG Gasspeicher. Five sixths of the total storage capacities are commercialised by astora.

The storage facility is connected to the GASCADE Gastransport GmbH transport grid, which is part of the GASPOOL market area cooperation, as well as to the market area of Gasunie Transport Services B.V. (GTS) in the Netherlands. This enables customers to tailor the Jemgum storage products to meet their needs in two market areas – flexibly and across borders.

Enquiries and booking of Entry-/Exit Capacities related to the Dutch network of GTS via www.gasunietransportservices.nl

Since the surrounding Rheiderland is an important conservation area, we began working intensively in line with statutory requirements on concepts to ensure environmental compatibility even before the first sod was turned. For example, construction work for connecting the storage facility to the gas transportation network took place outside the bird breeding seasons, and we selected lighting for our operation site that is adapted to the natural surroundings. Additional noise protection ensures that local residents and animals are not disturbed by the operation.

Last but not least, the region also benefits from new jobs and the commissioning of local companies to build and operate the facility.

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astora GmbH
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