– Jemgum natural gas storage facility.
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The main advantage of cavern storage over other storage technologies: the cavities in the rock salt make it possible to inject or withdraw the entire storage volume within a very short space of time.

Storage fees

Storage Tariffs 2020/2021

astora-pack 114.56 €/bundle/a
4.13 € per kWh/h/a
5.40 € per kWh/h/a
0.53 cent/kWh/a

Long-term factors

Depending on the term of the agreement the storage service fee is multiplied by the following long-term factors to determine the fee to be charged:

Booking period Factor
≥ 24 months 0.985
≥ 36 months 0.970
≥ 48 months 0.955
≥ 60 months 0.940
≥ 72 months 0.925

Short-term factors

The following short-term factors apply to bookings of astora-add during the year:

Booking period Factor
≥ 6 months 1.05
≥ 3 months 1.10
≥ 1 storage day 1.20

Seasonallity factors

The following seasonallity factors apply to bookings of astora-add:

Period Factor
Injection rate from April until September 1.1
Withdrawal rate from October until March 1.2
Working gas volume from July until December 2.0

Storage fee calculator

All fees can can be calculated with our storage fee calculator.

The storage fees comply with the principles of equity and costs orientation.