– Rehden natural gas storage facility.
The size of 910 football pitches.

Large. Larger. Rehden.

Strategically favourable: The Rehden storage facility is situated at the crossroads of German gas pipelines and thereby plays a vital role in maintaining security of supply in Germany and Europe.

The Rehden storage facility offers our customers the ideal basis for their trading activities since natural gas can be transported from here throughout Europe as well as flexibly be injected and withdrawn. The facility is linked to the major pipelines Central German Gas Link (MIDAL) and Rehden-Hamburg Gas Pipeline (RHG) as well as to the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) with a connection to the Nord Stream pipeline through the Baltic Sea. It, thus, plays a central role in supplying Germany and Western Europe with energy.

Address Rehden storage facility

astora GmbH
Erdgasspeicher Rehden
Osterkamp 31
49453 Rehden, Germany