– Rehden natural gas storage facility.
The size of 910 football pitches.

Large. Larger. Rehden.

Strategically favourable: The Rehden storage facility is situated at the crossroads of German gas pipelines and thereby plays a vital role in maintaining security of supply in Germany and Europe.

Storage fees

Storage Tariffs 2020/2021

astora-pack 112.68 €/bundle/a
5.45 € per kWh/h/a
8.12 € per kWh/h/a
0.05 cent/kWh/a

Long-term factors

Depending on the term of the agreement the storage service fee is multiplied by the following long-term factors to determine the fee to be charged:

Booking period Factor
≥ 24 months 0.985
≥ 36 months 0.970
≥ 48 months 0.955
≥ 60 months 0.940
≥ 72 months 0.925

Seasonallity factors

The following seasonallity factors apply to bookings of astora-add:

Period Factor
Injection rate from April until September 1.1
Withdrawal rate from October until March 1.2
Working gas volume from July until December 2.0

Short-term factors

The following short-term factors apply to bookings of astora-add and astora-part during the year:

Booking period Factor
≥ 6 months 1.05
≥ 3 months 1.10
≥ 1 storage day 1.20

Storage fee calculator

All fees can can be calculated with our storage fee calculator.

The storage fees comply with the principles of equity and costs orientation.