– Rehden natural gas storage facility.
The size of 910 football pitches.

Large. Larger. Rehden.

Strategically favourable: The Rehden storage facility is situated at the crossroads of German gas pipelines and thereby plays a vital role in maintaining security of supply in Germany and Europe.

Storage products at astora

Auction Tenders/First-come-first-served Offers via PRISMA Capacity Platform

Upcoming storage marketing activities are announced on PRISMA (click storage) and/or under press releases/relevant media.

astora has the following standardised storage services under its trademark astora for all of its gas storage facilities:

Long-term, firm, standard bundled unit with a minimum term of one year

Long-/short-term, firm, unbundled services to astora-pack with a minimum term of one day. Can be booked as injection capacity and/or withdrawal capacity and/or working gas volume.

Short-term, interruptible, standard bundled unit (SBU) with a minimum term of one month.


Product features:Injection rate:6.50 kWh/h
10.00 kWh/h
17.500,00 kWh
500 bundles
astora-pack in bundles


Product features:Injection rate:in addition to astora-pack
in addition to astora-pack
in addition to astora-pack
Injection rate in kWh/h
Withdrawal rate in kWh/h
Working gas volume in kWh


Product features:Injection rate:10.00 kWh/h
10.00 kWh/h
3,000.00 kWh
100 bundles
astora-part in bundles