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In this section you will find all important information about our capacities, products and contractual frameworks.

Currently available capacities at the Haidach storage facility

Short-term capacity

Available Capacity

Shows the booking situation of firm and interruptible capacity rights in the period M-1 - M+6. The selection can be made in the time series viewer using standard views or individually.
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Capacity Utilisation

Shows the past utilization of available storage capacity (incl. characteristic lines, restrictions) and the status of nominations in relation to the indicative storage capacity.
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Long-term capacity

Storage Capacities, Haidach storage facility (publication until 01/04/2031)

From day (gas day)Working gas volume [kWh]Injection rate [kWh/h]Withdrawal rate [kWh/h]

Available capacity at storage location Haidach could be booked either „First-come, first-served“ or by participating in appointed auctions/keyed procedures. 
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