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In this section you will find all important information about our capacities, products and contractual frameworks.

astora's contractual framework for storage access

astora agreements are composed of the following modules:

  • Storage agreement: customer-specific definitions such as type and scope of services and terms of the agreement.
  • Storage access conditions: element of the contract. Includes all applicable general terms and conditions relating to storage access for all storage facilities and all storage customers of astora.
  • Contract processing conditions: element of the terms and conditions relating to storage access. Includes all applicable conditions for the operation of storage agreements.
  • Storage specification: includes the storage-specific definitions for each natural gas storage facility.


The modular design can be seen from the illustration below:

Restructuring of the contracts has brought about many improvements, such as arrangements for secondary marketing, avoiding capacity hoarding, and simplifying and speeding up the conclusion of contracts. The details are described in the contract documents and can be downloaded.