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In this section you will find all important information about our capacities, products and contractual frameworks.

Storage products at astora

astora offers under its trademark astora the following standardised storage services for all of its gas storage facilities:

Long-term, firm, standard bundled unit with a minimum term of one year

Long-/short-term, firm, unbundled services to astora-pack with a minimum term of one day. Can be booked as injection capacity and/or withdrawal capacity and/or working gas volume.

Short-term, interruptible, standard bundled unit (SBU) with a minimum term of one month.

astora commercialises its storage services in a transparent and non-discriminatory way. Thereby, the storage customer has the ability to book storage capacities from astora quickly and simply. The booked storage capacities can be used in accordance with the respective contractual framework. For capacity allocation astora uses the “First-commited – first served” principle, which has led to a large number of satisfied customers.

In order to use storage services the customer books injection and withdrawal capacities as well as the required working gas volume which the customer wishes to use during the desired term of the contract. Thereby the storage customer is completely free to utilise the capacities within the storage period according to his individual needs. Furthermore there is no defined injection or withdrawal period. If required, the storage experts of astora will help customers to determine the required services.

All storage services are booked and billed in the energy unit kWh. astora storage tariffs are simple and clear and cover all services of astora that are needed for storing the gas. This includes the cost of the energy needed for injecting and/or withdrawing gas, the handling of the storage customer’s nominations, operating the storage facility, measuring and balancing, billing and invoicing. In other words, an astora storage customer pays an all-inclusive tariff.