– We store natural gas.

We are astora.

Our natural gas storages are among the largest in Western Europe and stand for a reliable, safe and efficient operation.


Eduard Schmitke
Managing Director

Eduard Schmitke has many years of experience in the energy sector. After completing his degree in business administration at the University of Göttingen, he worked for WINGAS and GASCADE in the areas of capacity management, contract dispatching and gas sales. Before joining the management of astora on 1 January 2020, he was managing director at OPAL Gastransport GmbH.

Arkadius J. Binia
Managing Director (Technical function)

Arkadius J. Binia studied mining at the technical university in Clausthal and has been technical manager of astora since 1 May 2018 In previous years he worked in various companies in the resource industry and energy sector. Among other things, he headed the optical fiber department at WINGAS before joining the Technical Projects area of astora where he became responsible for the implementation of the Speicher Jemgum project.


Assistant to the Management

Anna Bieber
Phone: +49 561 99858-1524