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Transfer Services

Our transfer services offer our customers various possibilities: Secondary trading, contract transfer and many more.

Transfer Services

Gas-in-Store Transfer ("Transfer of Gas in Storage", §21 Storage Access Conditions)

Customers can give their consent, to be added to a contact list, which is sent by e-mail to all customers on the list. This provides the opportunity to contact other storage customers, who hold capacities at the same location and thus serves to initiate trading transactions in the storage.

Storage customers can transfer gas in the storage via nomination in in the storage portal. For this purpose, the customer needs its own transfer code as well as the code of the partner. The codes are stated in the customer contact list. In order to perform such transaction, the partners must agree in advance which quantity they wish to transfer at which period and from which sub-account(s) this gas shall be transferred.


  1. Call up the astora storage portal at https://portal.sefe-storage.de/home and log in. 
  2. Via the "Contract processing" menu, select the option "WG Transfer REGENT" and click on the "Transfer" button next to the storage account from which gas is to be transferred.
  3. A wizard opens. Here, select the period you have agreed on with the partner.
    Note: Gas transfers can also be carried out on the current day. The lead time for nominating such a transfer is a full 2h.
  4. On the following page, click on the tab "external transfer" and select the sub-storage account from which gas quantities are to be transferred. The account balances of the individual sub-accounts are displayed numerically and graphically. The gas quantity to be transferred has to be entered in the left-hand table in the cell representing the hour of the selected gas day on which the transfer is to take place. Alternatively, a quantity can also be divided evenly among the displayed hours by entering the quantity in the sum cell. Press the "Confirm" button after entering.
    Note: If it is an outgoing transfer, the quantity must be signed with a minus sign! 
  5. Enter the partner's code in the confirmation pop-up and confirm by clicking on "Transfer externally". 
    The same process has to be done by the other party but with a reversed sign in front of the transfer quantity and your own transfer code as the destination code. 
    Note: If you need a confirmation for the successful matching of the nominations, please contact astora.

Fee for transfers between astora storage customers (charged to each party of the transfer): 5 €/GWh, min. 250 €

Secondary trading ("Secondary trading of storage capacities", §20 Storage Access Conditions)

In secondary trading, capacity rights are transferred to another trader for a defined period. In this trade, the primary customer continues to owe astora the fee for these rights.

astora must be notified about the in writing in advance. Bundled storage products may be transferred in any number of bundles (in whole or in part, but not individual capacity rights of a bundle) or corresponding unbundled capacities. 

Fee: 0 €

Contract transfer ("Transfer of rights and obligations", §43 Storage Access Conditions)

In addition to the transfer of the (capacity) rights, a contract transfer also includes a transfer of all contractual obligations, in particular the obligation to pay the contractually agreed storage fee. The following also applies here: A transfer of bundles must also be made as a bundle (in any number). A transfer of unbundled capacities is also possible, if these have been booked on an unbundled basis.

astora must be notified about a transfer in writing and the transfer requires astora’ s consent.

Fee: 0 €

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