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astora markets HAIDACH CAPACITY for storage years 2021/22 and 2022/23

Kassel, 9 September 2020: Between 16.09.2020 and 30.09.2020, astora offers storage capacities for the storage facility Haidach simultaneously in two keyed procedures. Capacities for the storage year 21/22 as well as for the storage years 21/22 and 22/23 will be offered on the PRISMA capacity platform. Bids must be submitted each between 11:00 and 11:30 am. The exact date will be announced to all market participants registered with astora on PRISMA by e-mail at least 24 hours in advance. Companies that are not yet registered and are interested in participating are asked to submit a request via the platform PRISMA, taking into account the registration deadline.

For the storage year 21/22, a total of 1 TWh working gas volume will be offered, divided into 100 bundles of 10,000 MWh each. The firm and interruptible capacity for injection and withdrawal are together 4.5 MWh/h each per bundle. Furthermore, around 4 TWh, divided into 100 bundles, are available for two years. For this product, the firm and interruptible injection and withdrawal capacity together amount to 19 MWh/h each per bundle. The working gas volume amounts to 40,530 MWh per bundle.

No variable fee is charged for the storage products. Storage curves are applicable, whereby the injection and withdrawal capacities limited by the storage curves can be used free of charge and on an interruptible basis. In order to minimize interruption risks, the capacity utilization view published on astora's homepage can be used for assistance.

The Haidach storage facility is directly connected to the Net Connect Germany (NCG) market area via the network operators bayernets GmbH (USP Haidach) and Open Grid Europe GmbH (Speicher Haiming 3-Haidach). By booking short-distance transport between the USP Haidach and Ueberackern 2 (bayernets; BZK), there is also a connection of the Haidach storage facility to the Eastern control area in Austria, which means that corresponding regulations of REGENT must be considered.

The contract documents are now available in the download area on www.astora.de.